About Grandparents Club

I've written a blog post about why I started Grandparents Club which goes into more detail.

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There are more than 14 million grandparents in the UK with over 5 million providing regular childcare. It’s a joy looking after grandchildren but it's not always easy coming up with exciting and engaging activities to keep them entertained.

Club membership includes easy to follow activities, resources, advice and articles designed to inspire and support grandparents.

Who's behind Grandparents Club

Hello, I'm Rob a web developer based in Chesterfield, England. I am married and together we have identical twin daughters.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period grandparents were forced to socially distance themselves from the rest of their family :-(

Recognising how challenging this was I developed Grandparents Club as a place for grandparents to access activity ideas, resources, advice and articles to support and inspire them during and after lockdown.

Have fun
Rob - Founder