Game: Do you remember?

Children love stories, especially ones that they are part of. This activity is a great way to remember shared experiences like holidays, days out or personal milestones. A fun and interactive activity for all the family.

What you'll need

Just a few scraps of paper or card and a pen. Oh and your imagination of course :-)

Remembering past experience by speaking them out loud is a great way to reconnect with memories. Starting with a simple word or phrase this activity encourages children and adults to use their story telling skills to describe and remember a past event or experience.

How to play

All you need for this activity is a few bits of paper or card. Five is probably enough although there are no limits.

  1. Simply write a starter word or phrase on each piece of paper. Something like "Grandpa's new greenhouse" or "Weekend at Legoland" or even something as simple as "Last Christmas".
  2. Next turn all the starter words or phrases face down and mix them up.
  3. The activity is now ready to start by simply taking it in turns to choose a card.
  4. On choosing a card a player starts by saying "Do you remember…" followed by the word or phrase on the card then they talk about whatever as on the card to the rest of the players.
  5. Let the person finish their story without interruption.
  6. Once they have finished the other players can add their memories to the story before the next player chooses a card and on it goes until all cards have been selected.

Variations and tips

If you're are playing with children who are not yet old enough to write then you can pair them up with an older sibling or adult.

The game can be played over FaceTime, or Skype or Zoom if you don't live nearby or can't be with your grandchildren. Simply direct someone on the other end of the call to turn over one of their cards on your behalf.

If you are going on a road trip this is a great game to play with children in the car.

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